Tak Lo On AI – Interview

Next up is Tak Lo from who is well known from his time at Techstars.

You can read more about Tak Lo here:

Let us begin:

1. Could you tell us how you first got interested in AI?

Through investing in AI companies through my angel investments, then at

2. As an ethical dilemma if a self driving car had to choose one of two separate people to run over, who should it choose and what factors could realistically be used to make the decision?

The aggregate societal impact should be factored more heavily. ie. younger people should be weighed more than older people, higher income versus lower, etc.

3. What are you working on at the moment. Any stand out projects?

Building AI capabilities within Zeroth, and helping companies

4. Do you see any problem with machine learning when it comes to the medical space. For example, what if someone can’t get life insurance as they have been identified as super high risk. Is that a problem, or just progression?

It’s just a progression on the current state situation. I do hope there’s a different type of answer for the example you mentioned however.

5. You were pretty big in Techstars and I’m just wondering if you have seen any great AI startups that are not part of

I tend not to look at too many startups outside the Zeroth space, but is great

6. As part of or personally do you have any areas of AI that are off limits, if so why? If not how do you ensure projects are morally sound?

No, in fact the more “off limit” they are, the more I find them intriguing. Moral soundness is the application, not the founders or the company itself.

7. What is the scariest real world thing you have seen in AI. is pretty scary.

8. 1 question, to 1 person on AI. What would it be and who would you ask?

Lee Kuan Yew- how do we build AI into our society?

## Ends

Thanks for your time Tak. I’m wondering how we get your 1 Question to Lee Kuan Yew 🙂

If you would like to get involved, either asking questions or being asked them get in touch.

Richard Young

Richard has been interested in the AI space for some years. Questions of ethics can raise some serious problems. What if AI can learn who is pre-disposed to cancer and then not give them health insurance?